What does the future church look like?……

For the past few years, the term “Missional” has become commonplace – a Christian “buzz” word.  Ironically, with all the people writing about what it means to lead or plant a Missional Church, there are not many resources to help with the practical nuts and bolts to make the theory reality. Synergy is a response to the growing need for a more missional approach to leadership development, making disciples and church planting. Particularly through the use of Missional Communities, our focus is on seeing the church do three things better:

  • Multiply disciple-making leaders
  • Plant rapidly reproducing churches
  • Transform neighborhoods and cities

Synergy offers you many ways to be equipped, resourced and connected with others. SynergyIGNITE is designed to be an easily accessible entry point, giving you immediate learning opportunities, experiences and ongoing coaching for you and your church.

Synergy is birthed out of RiverTree, in partnership with Stadia Church Planting and Love Canton.